Saturday, March 14, 2009

Two Blog Awards!!!

2 Blog Awards :)

These Awards made me so happy !!!
Thanks Ooty!!! It's a wonderful surprise !!! (You should give her a visit - she is a very talented artist!!! She is also a very nice person and a great friend!!!)
So, now, I need to list five of my addictions and then pass the awards on to five more bloggers.
1) Glass - Making my crazy lampwork beads!!!
2) Internet - Can't live without it hhh
3) Ceramics and porcelain
4) Making Jewelry
5) Buying rods of glass!!!! Oh how much I love to do that!!!

5 Bloggers: Yoola, Netanella , Parparim , Zikukit , Artishok.
Thank you Ooty I think your blog is a fabulous one!!!



  1. Dear Sari, what a wonderful idea :) thanks for passing it to me.... though I'm not sure how to pass it on....

  2. Your glass and jewellery are fantastic !

  3. Thanks a lot Steph!!! I also love to knit!!! You are making beautiful knitted jewelry!!!


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