Friday, February 27, 2009

Today was ‘necklaces day’
I made 3 necklaces:

‘black, white and red bell flowers necklace’

‘Rainbow bell flowers necklace’

‘Desert flowers necklace’

I’ll be glad to hear what do you think of them !!!
I love the ‘Desert flowers necklace’ kind. It has lots of presence but you barely feel it - these are the kind of necklaces I love the most.

For the last week I’m working on a new ‘Bat Mitzvah’ album, I hope I’ll finish it tomorrow so I’ll have some pics of it .
Have a great weekend!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Here is the set with the silvered ivory!!! I love it and I'm happy I learned how to make silvered ivory stringer :)

Black, White and Red

Yesterday was the black, white and red day. I made a few sets of beads in these colors and later on I'll make a necklace with other beads I made in these colors - a new fairy bells necklace :)

I also tried to work with silvered ivory - cool!!! (thanks Sarah!!!)
I'll have pics later today of a set with it.
On Saturday I went to meet with the curator of the Gallerina Gallery about the jewelry exhibition on May 2009. He was very satisfied with the new collection I made for this exhibition and finally I can say - I'm in!!!!!

Here is pics of necklaces from the new collection:
First one with a wall jewelry, the inspiration is from Dr. Seuss book: Oh, the THINKS you can Think!

Then I made a collection of jewelry based on this wall jewelry:

I hope my new collection put a smile on your face!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's a start!!!

I decided I want to have a blog.
It's look like a complicated mission !!!! But I'll do my best :)