Friday, February 27, 2009

Today was ‘necklaces day’
I made 3 necklaces:

‘black, white and red bell flowers necklace’

‘Rainbow bell flowers necklace’

‘Desert flowers necklace’

I’ll be glad to hear what do you think of them !!!
I love the ‘Desert flowers necklace’ kind. It has lots of presence but you barely feel it - these are the kind of necklaces I love the most.

For the last week I’m working on a new ‘Bat Mitzvah’ album, I hope I’ll finish it tomorrow so I’ll have some pics of it .
Have a great weekend!!!


  1. Wow!!! I love it when you have necklace day!!!
    I love the rainbow one! it is not my type usually but i find it very powerful one to wear with almost anything even simple white dress it is beautiful!
    the deset one is more of my colors and i like it as well
    have a great weekend!!

  2. Thanks :)
    You are right- I love them colorful so you can really wear them with simple shirt or dress.


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